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"The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining."

John F. Kennedy

We help you find professional roofing contractors who are close to your home or business specializing in roof repair and replacement. These roofing companies are ready to serve you.

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Maximum Roofing in Rockwall, Texas is our featured roofing contractor. Having worked in the insurance industry and roofing contracting field, the founder of Maximum Construction, Glenn De La Hoz has over 15+ years of experience in roofing. His roofing company takes pride in servicing customers to the max, with his main priority focused on complete customer satisfaction.

Maximum Construction has worked with many residential homeowners and commercial building owners throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area, including Wylie, and we have specialized crews to help with both residential and commercial projects.

What Do I Need To Know Before I Bid a Roof Job?

Do you ever wonder why there can be such a huge difference in cost estimates when it comes to roofing? Often after a hail storm you will find a long line of roof salesmen making their way through a community that has been hit hard offering free roof estimates.

Homeowners would have to be baffled by why one roofing contractor charges so much more than another. It is true that some roofing companies can demand more in cost than others because of their long standing brand and their track record for excellence. While others may just be getting their companies started and are willing to do the job for less profit. And those are just a couple of reasons.

Here are some things you should know about bidding a roof job:

It is always better to be able to visually inspect the roof. Being able to see the amount of damage not only to the shingles but to the decking, fascia, flashings, and ventilation. It will help you discover any unseen problems. Be sure to count the valleys, the eaves, the ridges and their lengths. You will need to know the square footage of the roof in order to be able to estimate the cost of the material needed for the project.

In most every case you can expect on any roofing project that you must figure the labor cost of the removal of the existing shingles and the cost of its disposal. Next you must figure the cost of the new roofing material. That will include the decking, if it has to be replaced, the new shingles, underlayment, roofing nails, roof vents, pipe vents, drip edge, flashing, roofing cement, and paint for the hardware. You will also figure your installation costs as well.

Other factors to consider before submitting a bid for a roofing project is steep roof charges for roofs with steep pitches. Some roofing projects have extra steep roofs that require harnesses to be worn by the roof installers. Extra cost has to be figured if the house has two stories or more. Roof installers charge more for some types of roofing material than others such as slate, metal, clay as compared to asphalt shingles. All these factors must be taken into account before the final bid is submitted. Other costs may include expenses such as equipment fees, delivery fees, city permit fees, fuel costs, and insurance.

Once you have calculated all of the expense cost of the roofing project, decide what you want your profit margin to be and add it in for the total bid for the job and submit your written estimate. Good contractors like Andrews Services will not try to hide the costs. You will get a well-written estimate.

The written estimate should state clearly all the specifics of the roofing project. It should give the homeowner clearly stated details regarding the type of materials to be used, labor, disposal, start and completion dates with a flexibility clause.

How well you present your estimate is key to a possible contract with your customer because homeowners want to understand exactly what they are getting when they sign a contract.

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